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Play Groups in Cologne 

The Tiny Monkeys  babies & toddlers birth to age 3 - Thursday from 10.30 - 11.30

We do also have play groups for children in Spanish, Italien, Persian and German. 

The play groups usually meet once a week, according to the school calendar. The costs for one trimester are 75 Euro. The participants pay for one trimester, after having received a trying lesson. With these costs, mehrSprache e.V. finances the rents for installations, materials as well as fees for group instructors.

The NGO mehrSprache e.V.

mehrSprache e.V. was founded as a Non Governmental Organisation in April 2002 with the objective to promote intercultural and multilingual competences for children. It was founded by engaged parents and professional linguists and pedagogues.

The NGO organises play groups in various languages for bi- and trilingual children, as well as for children, who have grown up monolingual until the present.  The languages in the groups are taught by the method of immersion: The children take a “dive” into the language and learn, playing, singing, and doing. All groups are instructed by qualified native speakers.

For the parents mehrSprache e.V. offers information about multilingual education and motivates them to speak their native language with the children. 

mehrSprache e.V., as a non making organisation, does not receive any public or private support. It finances itself autonomously by charging the participation in groups and workshops and with the annual rates of its members. The annual rate for members is 25 EUR minimum.  They have the opportunity to bring in their ideas about multilingual education. The members also get reduced prices on all offers of mehrSprache e.V.

The Managing Committee

- works on voluntary base -

Paola Longobardi – President of mehrSprache e.V.

Telf./ Fax: 0221-437339, info@mehrsprache.de 

Paola Longobardi  grew up bilingual herself. She is an economist and presently works as a translator. Her daughter grows up bilingual (German / Italien). Paola Longobardi organises the play groups and will inform you about offers and possibilities of mehrSprache e.V.    

Véronique Bertucci – Vice President of mehrSprache e.V.

Telf.: 02234/601341, info@mehrsprache.de 

Véronique Bertucci grew up trilingual herself. She has a MBA in International Industrial Management and her two children grow up trilingual (German / Italien / French). Véronique Bertucci organises the play groups and will inform you about offers and possibilities of mehrSprache e.V.    

Maria Carla Casieri –  Treasurer of mehrSprache e.V.

Tel.: 0176/31406956, info@mehrsprache.de

Maria Carla Casieri  works as a translator. Her son grow up bilingual (German / Italien). Maria Carla Casieri administrates the financial activities of mehrSprache e.V. and does the accounting. She will answer your questions about fees, rates, inscription and termination.